Making Bail Affordable in Louisiana

Bailing a loved one out of jail can be extremely costly if you try to do it on your own. Bail is typically set at several thousands of dollar. This puts it far out of reach for the average person. Most people do not have that kind of money lying around just waiting to be spent. People have bills and expenses that need to be paid for, they cannot afford a bail bond on their own.

This is where people begin looking for help. They look to their friends and family members for additional support, but it is not enough. This is where they need help from a bail agent. By getting a bail bond from a bail agent, a person can save 90% of the cost of the bail.

While that is a huge discount on the price of the bail bond, we try to do more here at Orleans Parish Bail Bonds. We offer qualified clients a 20% discount on the price of the bail bond. This means that if someone’s bail is set at $20,000, their bail bond with this discount will cost $1,600. This can be a great discount, especially on larger bails.

Qualifying for this discount is extremely simple. All a person needs to do to qualify, is have a co-signer on the bond that meets one of the following requirements.

  • The co-signer is a homeowner.
  • The co-signer is a union member.
  • The co-signer is a member of AARP.
  • The co-signer is a member of the military.
  • The co-signer has a private attorney.

By meeting one of those requirements, the bail bond will only cost 8% of the full bail amount.

This discount makes it possible for people to afford their loved one’s bail bond, which is why we offer it. At Orleans Parish Bail Bonds, our goal is to help Louisianans rescue their friends and family members from jail. We find that the best way to do this, is by making the bail bond as cheap and affordable as possible.

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