Can you Travel While Out on Bail With Orleans Parish Bail Bonds?


Posting bail means you’re free to go home, work, and spend time with your family while you wait for your case to wind its way through the legal system. What some people don’t realize is that being out on bail doesn’t give them permission to do whatever they want. Being out on bail is a privilege and there are usually conditions attached to the privilege. One of the big conditions attached to bail that gets a lot of people into trouble is travel.

Technically, you’re not supposed to travel while you’re out on bail. It doesn’t matter if you posted the bail yourself or if you are using a bail bond, you’re supposed to stay put. In some cases, you’re not supposed to leave the state. In other situations, you’re not allowed to leave the county.

The problem is that sometimes things come up and you find yourself in a position where you really feel that you need to travel. Sometimes it’s for work. Sometimes it’s a family emergency. The good news is that sometimes arrangements can be made that allow you to travel without endangering your bail agreement.

What you shouldn’t do is simply take off and hope that no one notices you’re gone. That’s an extremely bad idea.

Instead of just leaving town without a word, contact both the court and the bail bonds agency you used. Explain the situation. If it’s a valid explanation and you aren’t considered a flight risk, there’s a chance that they will okay the trip. It’s possible that they will tell you that you have to check in daily or at the very least confirm that you’ve made it back.

Don’t expect to be allowed to travel simply because you need a mental health break. You’ll have to prove that this is an unavoidable situation.

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